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Can I Use My Taxi for Deliveries During Lockdown

We are currently facing a new and difficult challenge around the world and the team at Riviera fully understand how this must be affecting your business. After all, your livelihood is also our livelihood. We have been asked by a number of drivers if they can use their taxi for deliveries during the lockdown.

After discussion with our insurers, we are really pleased to say that the following insurers have agreed to temporarily extend your insurance cover to include delivery driving.

– Collingwood
– Eridge
– My Taxi
– Sabre
– Trident

There is currently an elevated demand for delivery drivers across the UK and whilst we know it may not be your preferred occupation, it is now an option. However, please keep in mind the current pace of change regarding advice concerning what is considered essential work and services. You can find the most up to date information directly on the government website.

If you would like this extension added to your insurance please call us on 01803 659113 or get in touch via email at info@rivierainsurance.co.uk

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