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Can you move to a new house during the coronavirus lockdown?

The government has advised people buying and selling homes to pause their transactions where possible.
On 24th March Cabinet Minister Michael Gove stated that people who haven’t exchanged contracts should not move where possible, however, those who have exchanged contracts may still proceed.
‘there will be specific circumstances where people will still be buying or selling, but if at all possible, people should stay in their current home.’

If you have already exchanged contracts you should contact the other parties and you conveyancer to discuss the implications of a delayed move. Although at exchange of contracts you have legally committed to purchase the property, it is possible to vary the contract if all parties agree.

What this means for your insurance

Once you have exchanged on your new home, you take legal responsibility for the property so this is the date that your insurance should start regardless of a delayed moving in date.
During this process, it is important to make sure your old home remains insured until it is sold and becomes someone else’s legal responsibility. If there is an overlap in the dates, you should check that both properties are covered during this time.
Should the sale of fall through you will be able to cancel any changes to your existing policy or cancel any new policies taken out.
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