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What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

If you are caught driving without insurance you will receive 6 points on your license and a minimum £300 fine. If your case goes to court the amount you could find is unlimited, though is normally capped at £5000.

Driving without insurance is illegal. Even the threat of driving bans, fines and penalty points don’t seem to be enough to deter the thousands caught and convicted every year.

Here’s a reminder of what might be in store for those driving without insurance, and what the minimum level of insurance you’re legally required to have is.

What is the legal minimum level of insurance cover I need?

The minimum level of insurance you’re required to have by law if you drive a vehicle is third party liability cover.

This means you’re only covered for the damage you might cause to another vehicle or property and any liability for causing injury.

In actual fact, finding third party only cover can be tricky as most insurers now extend their policies beyond the basic level of cover and you can choose to add fire and theft insurance or opt for fully comprehensive cover.

What fine will I get if I drive without insurance?

The maximum fine if you’re caught driving without insurance is currently £5,000 and the minimum fine has just gone up to £300, You’ll also receive what’s called a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’. and your insurance premiums are likely to go up as you may find some insurers will decline to quote you cover. Rivieria Insurance have some special policies for convicted drivers, so if you require a quotation contact us here

How many points will I get for driving without insurance?

As well as a fine, you can score up to 8 points on your licence, though the most common amount is 6 pentaly points.  Once a driver reaches 12 points, they are automatically banned from driving.

Occasionally it is possible that a court will disqualify you from driving for a set period immediately.

If you decide to fight the penalty points, and lose, you could end up with more points being applied than if you’d accepted the original number.

Will my car be impounded and destroyed if I’m caught with no insurance?

The police now have the power to impound any uninsured vehicle. They will only give it back once you’ve paid any fine and can prove you’ve bought the correct cover for your car.

They can even destroy the vehicle after a certainly amount of time has lapsed if you do not reclaim it.

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