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Hotel Insurance

Hotels are busy places and here at Riviera Insurance, we understand that your staff and guests are your priority which is why we make sure getting the right insurance protections in place as easy as possible. From the stock in the walk-in fridge freezer, to cover for trips and falls or damage to property from guests our team of insurance specialists can guide you through which insurances you’ll benefit from at your hotel, guest house or B&B.

What Insurance does a Hotel Need?

We offer a range of insurance covers which your hotel may find invaluable.

Public Liability Insurance: Hotels are businesses that spend a large part of their operation interacting with members of the public, which means that they are at a greater at risk of claims being made against them should anyone be injured, or their property damaged as a result of your business activity.

Business Buildings and Contents cover: Building and contents cover for your hotel will cover the cost of any repairs required due to damage, flood, fire or other risks. The hotel building is an essential part of your business after all, and guests can often be careless.

Employers’ Liability Insurance: This is a legal requirement for any business which employs staff, be they permanent, part-time, temporary or even seasonal staff. This covers any claims made by your staff should they be injured as a result of working for you.

check 2 Revenue protection/interrupted business

check 2 Loss of licence

check 2 Fixtures, fittings and general contents

check 2 External signs and blinds

check 2 Legal expenses

check 2 Buildings and/or tenants’ improvements (depending on whether you own or rent your Hotel/Guest House premises)

check 2 Consumer goods and stock

Why choose Riviera Insurance for your Hotel insurance?

At Riviera Insurance, we understand the importance of insuring your Hotel, guest house or B+B correctly. That is why we have a large panel of insurers to enable us to help you find the right policies to meet your individual property needs.

Our quick and easy approach to creating a tailor-made insurance package means you can rest assured you have the right covers in place, at a great price. Whether it’s Hotel Insurance, Bed & Breakfast insurance, Guest House insurance or Hospitality insurance, you can rely on Riviera Insurance to find a competitive price while providing exceptional customer service.

If you run a business or own a property where you accommodate paying guests then you require hotel insurance, guest house insurance or B&B insurance. The difference in these policies is usually decided on the number of rooms at the property, sell alcohol on the premises, host weddings or have a restaurant that is open to the public.

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When you are looking for insurance for your Hotel or Guest House trying to find quality cover with peace of mind can be time-consuming which is why Riviera Insurance do the hard work for you. We will save you time by searching many of the top UK hotel insurance companies for you, we’ll also work hard to save you money too.

We offer competitive hospitality insurance with Hotel insurance, Guest House insurance, Airbnb insurance or Hospitality insurance name just a few types of insurance. Riviera Insurance understand that quality cover is just as important as a low price. Our teams only work with the most trusted hotel insurance companies who can provide you with the standard of insurance to cover your business needs.

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Common Hotel, Guest House and B&B Insurance Claims

Hotels in the UK go to great lengths to make sure their residents and guests are comfortable, well looked after and most importantly safe from accidents or injury. Your teams are trained in health and safety as well as hospitality service standards to make sure every guest is taken care of.

Unfortunately for some guests and hotels accidents do happen and despite strict supervision and regular inspections, some safety aspects can get overlooked. These can result in accidents and injuries to hotel guests.

By law, hotels, guests houses and B+Bs are required to keep their guests safe and to prevent foreseeable hotel accidents on their premises whenever and wherever possible. Guests injured during a stay at your hotel may be entitled to file a hotel accident claim for compensation which is why it is important to have the relevant hotel insurance cover in place.

Common types of Claims

Some accidents can happen anywhere so they are only classified as hotel accidents because they take place within the hotel premises, there are also accidents that are unique to hotels and would reply on a claim being paid out under your hotel, guest house or B+B  insurance cover.

Here are some of the more common hotel accidents and injuries that people log insurance claims for:

Old furniture – Many hotels and use their furniture as long as possible. This can cause problems as items such as chairs and beds can weaken over time.  Unfortunately, it has been known for a chair or bed to collapse suddenly with the guest in it, causing various injuries from bruising to fractures.

Swimming pools – Swimming pools and other wet areas are one of the most accident-prone locations in any hotel or guest house. Claims can arise from guest’s insurance claims can arise from guests injuring themselves if they slip around the pool or changing areas.  Unfortunately, the worst possible scenario would be for a guest to drown in the pool.

Slip and falls caused by negligence – Wet floors and, uneven surfaces from one area to another, worn carpeting, bunched matting, or curled rigs are some of the more common factors that cause slips and falls within hotel premises.

Burns – Hotel insurance claims can arise from thermostats that are set too high resulting in burns to guests as they stand under the shower. These have been known to cause possible first and second-degree burns. Burns can also be caused by irons and other electrical appliances that are faulty or misused.

Theft & assault – The smallest security lapse is often enough for a guest to be relieved of their valuables and other personal belongings, leaving them injured and traumatised. If a guest is assaulted or robbed by an employee, the hotel may be held liable on grounds of negligent security for failing to conduct a thorough background check on the employee.

Food poisoning – Chefs take great care in ensuring that your guests have a wonderful experience in the restaurant, however undercooked meat, or poultry that is left unrefrigerated for far too long, unsanitary kitchen conditions or improperly cleaned kitchen utensils are just some of the ways that bacteria can get transferred to guests causing food poisoning. Resulting in claims against your hotel insurance.

Bed bugs – Bedbug infestations are rare but they can happen in hotels, guest houses and B+Bs. Bed bug bites cause small itchy blisters to guests and they can also be carried home in clothes and suitcases where they multiply quickly spreading the infestation.

What is hotel contents insurance?

Hotel contents insurance is designed especially for hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses. With this type of contents cover there are two aspects to consider. The hotel contents insurance it’s self, and your guest contents insurance cover.With hotels, traditionally there is little stock, as items tend to be ordered in as and when required, certainly the stock element differs greatly from that of a retail shop. For a hotel, guest house or B+B the equivalent items tend to be the small things in the bedrooms, and items of larger furniture. For examples, the kettles, TVs and beds. The value of these items can very quickly add up when multiplied by the number of bedrooms in your hotel, B&B or guest house.

Calculating the value of these items accurately is essential to getting accurate cover as you will need to be able to claim for them in the event of an incident. Likewise, should you make any investments or upgrades to these items, it’s important to inform your insurer as the value can change.

Regardless of how secure your hotel is, sadly crime does happen which is why hotels are legally required to have adequate guest contents cover. Some polices will have cover that allocates an individual claim amount per guest, while others will have an overall maximum claim figure across the term of the policy. Both types are suitable for small to medium sized properties.

Your advisor will be about to talk to you in more detail about which may be the most suitable for your business.