How can I protect my home in a storm?

When a winter storm is a forecast, you can take a few preventive steps to help you protect the things you cherish.

How to protect your home against storm damage

Before the hits storm, get ready.

– If you are able, take a look at your roof. Check for loose tiles and make sure your TV aerial is secure.

– Check your gutters and drainpipes, clear out any debris to keep them clear and blockage free.

– If you have trees trim back any branches that could crash down on your car or home during high winds.

– Remind yourself how to turn off your utilities, including gas, electricity, and water, in case of emergency

– Unplug all non-essential electrical appliances and keep them upstairs in case of flooding.

– Store away any garden furniture or outdoor items and keep sheds, garages and fences and wheelie bins adequately secured.

– Keep your valuables locked safely away, ideally in waterproof containers, and back up any critical files on your computer.

– Have an evacuation plan ready for you and your family and pets.

– Keep an emergency kit somewhere easily accessible

– Make sure you have a torch and portable radio, candles and matches, spare batteries and a radio in case the power goes out.

– Fully charge your phone and a power bank as a backup.

– Ensure you have canned food, bottled water and portable cooking equipment (enough for at least three days).

– Blankets, waterproof clothing and wellington boots (for each household member).

– A list of local emergency numbers (e.g. your GP, the council).

– Dig out your insurance details and make sure you have a first aid kit and any prescription medicines.

During a storm, it’s essential to look after yourselves too

– Stay indoors as much as possible and avoid being close to buildings and trees if you have to go outside. Watch out for flying debris.

– Keep your doors, windows, and curtains closed; open internal doors only when necessary and make sure to close them behind you.

– Don’t try to repair anything outside until the storm’s over.

– During a thunderstorm, please avoid using your landline unless it’s an emergency.

To protect yourself financially from plumbing or drainage emergencies it’s a good idea to have home emergency cover included on your building insurance. Request a quote here.