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We are proud that we have teamed up with the award-winning mortgage & protection specialists Howard Mortgages. As a ‘whole of market’ insurance advisors, they can advise and arrange the most suitable cover for you and your family should the unthinkable happen. There is no cost for their insurance service and they will advise and recommend the best cover to suit you, your needs and most importantly, your budget.

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What covers are available?

checked 7   Life Insurance

This is the most well-known cover that will pay out a tax-free cash lump sum or income in the event of death. Most commonly used to cover a mortgage or other loan, but can also be used to provide for family members financial security for the future and inheritance tax (IHT) planning; This cover can ensure that should you die, you are not leaving a debt to your loved ones. It is essential that this cover is put in to ‘Trust’ so that it cannot be claimed on for inheritance tax. Our expert advisors will advise and can set up the policy in trust at no cost to make sure any pay out goes to those intended and not the tax man.

checked 7   Critical illness cover

It is a scary thought that around half of us will experience Cancer at some point in our lives. Critical illness cover (sometimes referred to as serious illness cover) provides a tax-free cash lump sum to help repay a mortgage, pay for medical treatment or home adaptions, or even just allow you to take time off work without worrying about finances. Critical illness cover is paid on being ‘diagnosed’ with a pre-defined illness and doesn’t have to be ‘life threatening’ as most people believe. Most providers cover around 40 different illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes, with some even covering up to 182 illness and will pay out proportionately depending on the severity of the condition.

checked 7   Income cover

Whereas the covers above pay a one off lump sum, income cover is designed to replace your income on a monthly basis should you be unable to work through accident or sickness. There are many different types of income covers, that all sound quite similar, but vary greatly on how and when they pay out. It is essential you have the right advice to make sure you are covered for what you need, as some of these have some very specific rules around claims. At Howard Mortgages, we do not base our advice solely on price alone, but on the quality of cover and the value for money that it gives, ensuring you have the most suitable cover for your circumstances and comfortable budget.

checked 7   Business protection

Just as you would want your family to be financially secure if anything were to happen to you, businesses too can be affected by losing a key member of staff to illness or death. Business protection works in a similar way to personal cover, but often has even more options and implications to consider. At Howard Mortgages, we have specialists in business protection and work with a large number of companies advising on everything from key person cover, shareholder protection to group life cover schemes for their staff. There can be some great tax planning advantages with business protection so again, having the right advice is essential.

Howard Mortgages team of expert advisors can offer free, no obligation chat to discuss your needs; either in our offices, over the phone or video call, and also home/office appointments to suit you. Simply contact Howard Mortgages on the details below to book an initial consultation at a convenient time for you on 01803 554455 or email or by clicking the link below

Protection Services include:

checked 7   Term Life insurance
checked 7  Whole of Life insurance 

checked 7   Critical illness cover
checked 7  Family income cover 
checked 7  Income protection 

checked 7   Group Protection
checked 7  Relevant life 

checked 7   Key Person Cover
checked 7  Director/Shareholder Protection 
checked 7  Gift Inter Vivos Plans 

The wealth of experience and knowledge at Howard Mortgages means that they can offer you the best insurance and protection advice as well as giving you peace of mind. They work for you, working on your behalf not the provider, making sure you get the right result.
With access to the whole of the market, they work not only with the major insurance companies but also specialist providers to ensure they find a solution just for you. Find out more here.

For further information or to arrange your free initial consultation please contact Howard Mortgages on 01803 554455 or email

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For further information or to arrange your free initial consultation please contact Howard Mortgages on 01803 554455 or email

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