New Driver Insurance

New Driver Insurance
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Learner Driver Insurance
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Named Young Driver Insurance
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Student Driver Insurance
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Cars for Young Drivers Insurance

New Driver Insurance provided by Marmalade Insurance

Young Marmalade

Here at Riviera Insurance we specialise in the majority of insurance products. Like most of insurances, you can speak to us at the Torquay office and we will be able to help you. There are a few instances where the insurance you need is too specialist and with which you need dedicated professionals who dedicate their lives to understanding the products. That is what we have with our partner for New Driver Insurance

We use our Marmalade Insurance who specialise in insurance for young drivers.

Marmalade Insurance are experts in affordable cover while you are learning to drive in a family car or in your own car. The also provide cars for young drivers and along with the brand new wheels, they include 12 months free insurance – covering you before and after your test.

Marmalade Insurance understand everyone’s circumstances are different and as such offer annual insurance after you’ve passed on your car or a parent’s car, and short term cover for students.

A bit about Marmalade Insurance:

Safer, fairer, simpler

This is our ethos and it sticks to everything we do. From 2006 we’ve worked hard to champion young drivers and develop car and insurance products to help young drivers get on the road in a safe, straightforward and affordable way.

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we offer a range of options to help you gain freedom and independence – with insurance options to get cover on your own car, or a parent’s car – before and after you pass your test!

We’re dedicated to helping you become great drivers with flexible insurance for learners, and, once you pass – our black box technology helps you continue to develop those safe driving skills. We don’t think it’s fair to impose curfews on young drivers which is why our black box technology doesn’t do this and helps you earn safe driving discounts at renewal.

To make life easier, we do our best to keep things simple, intuitive and hassle free. Insurance jargon has no place here, instead we make things quick and easy to understand to help make buying and insuring a car smoother than a manoeuvre!