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Insurance for Church, Charity, Community Groups and Schools. 

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Minibus insurance quotes for 9 seater, up to 17 seater minibus

With special schemes for charities, churches, and community groups

As insurance brokers, we are experts at arranging protection for your minibus. Insuring your charity minibus couldn’t be more simple with Riviera Insurance.

Why use Riviera for your Minibus Insurance?

As a minibus insurance broker, we work with a large panel of UK minibus insurance companies for a variety of uses such as charities, churches and schools. 

Our team of trained advisors can offer you the additional protection of legal expenses cover, public liability, personal accident, breakdown cover, windscreen repair and even employers’ liability cover.

• Thoroughly trained insurance specialists who search the market for you
• Exclusive use of the free Riviera App, so you can access all your essential insurance information at your fingertips.
• Replacement minibus (9-17 seats) provided free of charge on any claims which are not your fault.
• Our claims line operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we are always here when you need us the most
• Flexible monthly payment options are available

We can provide insurance for all sizes of minibuses, from smaller 9 seater minibuses, 12 seater minibuses, 15 seater minibuses, right through to larger 17 seater minibuses and coaches, and every size in between.

What is a minibus?

Ordinary, to be considered a minibus the vehicle must have somewhere in between 9 seats and 17 seats. However, some minibuses may have fewer seats as they have been adapted for reasons such as wheelchair access.

Riviera Insurance covers and provides insurance for a range of sizes, seats and modified minibuses and passenger vans.

We proudly cover Minibuses owned by churches, charities, community groups and schools, as well as taxi minibuses, and sports teams and associations.

Moreover, our team of trained advisors can also provide cover for care organisations, schools, brownie and scout groups, and family-owned minibuses used for social use only.

If the usage is shared across multiple organisations, it is also possible to note this on your minibus insurance policy.

For example, a church-owned minibus may also be used by a church-run community group, or perhaps a school owned minibus may be shared by the local scout group or charity. 

We can provide cover for a new minibus, or older minibuses or a modified minibus, from a 9 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, 15 seater minibus right up to a 17 seater minibus for various social and domestic uses, as well as private hire and PSV.

Whatever you are using your minibus for, you will need the best protection available at the best price.

We can arrange Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft cover to protect your vehicle and liabilities to third parties. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 seater minibuses can be covered as well as executive minibuses.

How much does it cost to insure a minibus?

When getting quotes for your community group minibus, charity minibus, or church minibus insurance, you will find that different minibus insurance companies and insurance brokers can give you very different prices, with various levels of cover.

Therefore, it isn’t straightforward to provide an average price for insuring your minibus, however, it is fair to say that it normally costs more than your average standard car insurance.

When obtaining minibus insurance quotes, you will likely receive varying prices and levels of cover because each minibus insurance company factors so many variables into the cost of your insurance premium.

Each minibus insurance company also uses an entirely different calculation.

Using a specialist UK insurance broker like Riviera Insurance can help you find a cheaper church, community group minibus or charity minibus insurance as they can contact many insurers on your behalf to get the best prices.

As a specialist minibus insurance broker, we understand the calculations used by the insurance companies to create your minibus quotation. We search the market to compare insurance covers to provide you with the best cover at the lowest possible price.

Whether you are looking to insure a 9 seater charity minibus, or get insurance for a 17 seater school minibus, we will be able to help.
Riviera Insurance will search the market for you to find the very best minibus policy to cover you at the lowest possible price.

What can I add to my Minibus Insurance?

Many of the different minibus insurance companies offer slightly different protections for your minibus, so it is essential to check exactly what cover you have in place with your insurance broker.

If you are unsure or need a specific level of cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.
-Public liability cover
-Breakdown cover
-Windscreen cover
-Legal cover
Gap insurance for new vehicles

If operating as part of a church, charity, or community group we can also provide you with commercial liability covers for your premises and volunteers and employees.

My minibus has more than 17 seats in it, can you still insure me?

If you have a vehicle that has more than 17 seats this would be classed as a coach. You can request a coach quote here.

My minibus has fewer than 9 seats, can you still cover me?

Possibly, if the minibus has fewer than 9 seats because it has been modified or adapted for disabled access we should be able to offer you a quotation.
If the minibus has fewer than 9 seats for any other reason we may still be able to offer you a quotation under either a commercial van policy or a motorhome policy. Please contact us here to request a quote and we will be able to advise you.

Can I purchase my minibus insurance in instalments?

Yes, we can monthly direct debits for your insurance, allowing you to spread the payments.

Can I drive a minibus on a normal licence?

Possibly, you might be able to drive a minibus on a normal licence, but it depends on when you passed your driving test. If you passed your UK drivers test on or before 1 January 1997, you have the correct licenced to drive a minibus up to a maximum of 17 seats.

If you got your drivers licence after this date you will need an extra licence called a PCV licence (passenger carrying vehicle). This allows you to drive minibuses with category D1.

Join the 1000’s Minibus owners choosing Riviera for their insurance

Our 9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 seater minibus insurance products are suitable for churches, school community groups, scout groups, care homes and more. We can also cover minibuses used a taxis and PSVs.

Working with a large panel of minibus insurance companies, we can quote you on a range of insurance solutions providing as much or as little cover as you need.

We can also offer flexible monthly payment terms to help you spread the cost of your insurance cover.

A team of friendly, fully trained advisors can offer you the additional protection of legal expenses cover, public liability, personal accident, breakdown cover, windscreen repair and even employers’ liability cover.

We provide one insurance solution for all your minibus insurance needs.

As a charity, church and community group minibus insurance specialist based in Torquay, Riviera Insurance can also arrange policies for individuals and those who have local authority contracts and carry children to school, or have minibuses that have been converted to motorhomes.

Big enough to save you money, small enough to care.

Our staff are empowered to contact insurance companies and underwriters on your behalf, giving an entirely personal service.

We operate from a high street office in Torquay, Torbay, where you can pop in and see us arrange your cover, or you can request a call back for a time that suits you.

We take the time to get to know your minibus insurance needs and provide you with the cheapest minibus insurance policy.

Finding cheap minibus insurance has never been more simple.

If you are local to Torbay, you can even pop in and see us arrange your passenger van insurance at our high street office on Union Street in Torquay.

Safeguarding your charity minibus, church minibus or community group minibus with Riviera Insurance couldn’t be more straightforward request a quote here

Not Just a Minibus Insurance Broker

We also specialise in providing insurance cover for a range of commercial and private risks, including taxi, courier, van, home, pet and travel insurance, providing for all your needs. If you are purchasing a new minibus check out our excellent GAP insurance product here.

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