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What is the new intelligent speed assistance system?

What is the new intelligent speed assistance system?

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system is a new software that will be installed on all new cars from 2022.

It has been designed to limit the speed your vehicle will be able to go on the roads in line with the current speed limit at your location.

How does the Intelligent Speed Assistance system work?

In the same way your satnav knows the speed limit by detecting cameras, your new car will use the same GPS system to detect the speed limits on the roads.

The ISA system will intervene and slow the vehicle down where the driver doesn’t slow down to within the limit.

The system doesn’t apply the brakes, though. First, it will alert the driver to slow down and if that doesn’t deter the driver from speeding, it will slowly reduce the power to the engine forcing the car to reduce its speed.  

The new ISA system also detects cyclists and pedestrians and other venerable road users.  

The idea behind the system is to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities caused by cars driving at excessive speeds.

Does having ISA fitted mean I won’t get speeding a speeding fine?

No. Ultimately, the vehicle driver is responsible for ensuring that they are driving within the speed limits.

The ISA has some limitations to its software, which means it won’t always be fool proof when it comes to keeping you within limits and it’s not a replacement for common sense driving.

A spokesperson from Thatcham Research notes the limitations of the Intelligent Speed Assistance system technology.

“Speed signs can often be obscured or inaccurate, while GPS mapping can be out of date. Temporary limits and road works can confuse the system too.”

“This could lead to speeding fines if the system isn’t picking up the limit correctly. And drivers will still be liable, whether they were relying on the system or not.”

The European Safety Council maintains that the ISA systems have a high level of accuracy and can detect temporary speed limits and overhead variable limits on the motorways.

However, they also make it clear that is it the driver who is responsible for the speed of the vehicle not the vehicle or the ISA system.

Can I override the Intelligent Speed Assistance system?

Yes, if the ISA system picks up a speed limit that is lower than the permitted speed limit on the road, the driver can override the system.

The same applies if the ISA detects a higher speed limit than is allowed. The vehicle driver would need to override the system to slow the car down to within the speed limit.

Can I turn the Intelligent Speed Assistance System off?

Yes, for now, you would be able to turn off the ISA. The system is currently being built with an on/off switch. This function may be removed in the future.

Will having the ISA fitted affect my car insurance?

It is unlikely you will receive a direct discount as a result of having the ISA fitted to your new vehicle; however, the European Transport Safety Council believes that technology could reduce road collisions by up to 30% and deaths by up to 20%.

If these predictions are accurate, fewer accidents and fatalities across the whole sector should reduce claims numbers and claim amounts.

This could reduce your car insurance premiums overall as the overall risk to the insurer reduces.

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