What to do when you have an escape of water!

What to do when you have an escape of water!

Riviera Insurance understands the damage that can be caused by water, especially following our recent escape of water incident. Sometimes water damage is unavoidable and even the very best prevention methods will not work.  If you see escaping water or suspect an escape of water, and it is safe to do so, you should do the following;

  • Locate the water stopcock and turn off the main water supply for your home or building to prevent any further water damage
  • Turn off the power to the property and avoid electrical appliances.  Always contact an electrician first if you have to physically stand in water to turn off the mains electricity as this can cause risk of electrocution.
  • If you have Home Emergency Cover  on your policy you can call our 24 hour Home Emergency Helpline on 0114 249330 and we will be able to find you a suitable service provider
  • Take some photos of the damage to assist in your claim.

Then give us a call to discuss your claim.

What happens next? Damage varies from claim to claim but for more severe cases it normally involves three processes:

  • Cleaning and drying out – The affected areas could take several weeks to dry out, dehumidifiers may be brought in to help speed up the process. you can assist the drying process by giving walls, floors and furniture enough space for air to circulate.
  • Stripping out – Any affected furniture and fixtures will need to be removed from the property. If ceilings or plaster work was damaged these areas may also be stripped back ready for repairs to be made.
  • Repairs – When repairs start will all depend on the drying process. Where a major escape of water has occurred it may be some time before your house has dried out enough for repair work to start. Walls and ceilings need to have fully dried before they can be replastered, painted and redecorated.

To check if you have Home Emergency Cover, are covered for an escape of water or to get a quote please call 01803 659112 or email info@rivierainsurance.co.uk and the team will be happy to help.

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